Şisecam launched its sustainability pathway ‘Care for Next’ at the II International Sustainability Workshop in Istanbul, Turkey.

The theme of the workshop was ‘From Information to Smart Society’. 300 delegates from 13 countries, consisting of 40% women and 60% men, attended the event.

Prof Ahmet Kirman, Vice President and CEO at Şişecam, said: “We carry out all of our operations and processes in our Group, from raw material to the final product, in line with the so-called ‘Care for Next’ sustainability approach. At Şişecam, we aim to leave the next generations a liveable world.”

The pathway Care For Next reinforces the supplier’s sustainable value creation for the next generation.It has built its sustainability strategy on three pillars, including ‘preserve’, ‘empower’ and ‘progress’.

He added: “We believe that a smart future is only possible by Industry 4.0, and continue to invest in it while our global sustainability approach empowers our employees and stakeholders by advocating and engaging in practices that encourage diversity and inclusiveness, progresses through climate neutral, 260-degree circular model, and preserves natural resources that we rely on and our institutional heritage for resilient and sustainable generations to come.”

The effects of technological developments and digital transformation business models were discussed. The decision-making process included matters such as energy efficiency, waste management, and the use of renewable resources. The aim was to integrate Industry 4.0 into the entire supply chain under the company’s sustainability efforts.

Özlem Vergon, Chief Strategy Officer at Şişecam, said: “Being a global player, we mainstreamed sustainability principles in our business model and operations. Şişecam’s vision and values are to pioneer in our areas of business, respect people and the environment, develop innovative solutions with a focus on technology, as well as improve and develop together with an understanding of sustainability. We move forward and contribute in this direction.”

Pictured: Vice Chairman and CEO Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kirman