Şişecam reported net sales of 66.2 billion TRY in the first nine months of 2022.

Şişecam increased its consolidated net sales to 66.2 billion TRY and international sales of the company accounted for 63% in the first 9 months of 2022.

Its total investments reached 5 billion TRY in this period.

The company also produced 4.3 million tons of glass, 3.6 million tons of soda ash, and 3.4 million tons of industrial raw materials in the same period.

Şişecam CEO Görkem Elverici said: “The world entered a normalisation period for the financial statements with the effects of macroeconomic fluctuations together with soaring energy prices and inflation-related factors in the third quarter of the year.

“As the recession becomes the major topic around the world, concerns regarding the energy supplies have increased dramatically. Many global companies in the glass industry have decided to bring their cold repair processes forward with the impact of balancing demand as a reflection of their industrial customers’ cautious stance in response to escalated uncertainties.

“Meanwhile, Şişecam continued to grow further even in this challenging environment. With our efficient cost optimisation practices and risk management skills we are working continuously to run our production operations as planned for the rest of the year.”

Mr Elverici continued that Şişecam was able to use alternative energy sources for production, which had created sustainable value for its stakeholders.

He said: “We see glass not as the product of this year but as the need of the age and we make all our projections in the light of this approach.”