Şişecam has entered into a partnership agreement with Icron.

In the first half of the year, Şişecam signed a letter of intent to invest in Icron, a Turkish technology company that provides operational and strategic decision optimisation services to various sectors.

It has now entered into a partnership with the company, which is Şişecam's first investment in the field of software technologies.

With this partnership, Şişecam aims to grow with Icron, and take its operational excellence and optimisation approach to its current operations to the next level.

The strong digital infrastructure and its service quality will also contribute to Şişecam's financial performance over time.

As part of the agreement, Şişecam's initial partnership in Icron will be 15.7%, and the final rate of partnership will be 33.1% through gradual investments.

Şişecam will also hold a share call option that will later allow the company to increase its total share in Icron to up to 49%.

Following the agreement, the Şişecam-Icron partnership transactions will be finalised after the competition board approval processes and other closing procedures.