The production of Şişecam's 110 grams ultra- light weight mineral water bottle features 15% less production-based carbon dioxide concentration compared to a 130-gram standard mineral water bottle.

In addition to the cost-benefit gained by reducing the number of semi-trailer trucks needed for transport, an approximate 14% decrease is projected in carbon emissions per kilometre.

Şişecam aims to help save the planet with its glass packaging designs and reducing products weight, by lowering energy use and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions in production and transport.

In addition, Şişecam seeks to transform people's lives by offering sustainable products that meet the changing needs of the planet and society.

The mineral water bottles, produced at Şişecam Yenişehir Glass Packaging Plants, are now found on grocery store shelves in emerald green colour.

Already offered for sale in Turkey, the ultra-light mineral water bottles are planned to be presented to global markets in 2023.