Sisecam has started work on an artificial intelligence project to reduce production waste as well as carbon emissions.

The Turkish glass manufacturer will implement a the Glass Colour Optimisation Project (CROP) using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Methods

The project, alongside partners Koç University, TÜBİTAK Artificial Intelligence Institute, and Analythinx, aims to eliminate colour issues during glass manufacturing.

CROP aims to develop an infrastructure to minimise colour differences and to identify and quickly resolve the root cause of colour-related problems in glass production with artificial intelligence models.

Designed to improve colour quality in the glass industry, the project will integrate advanced technology and artificial intelligence know-how into production operations while expanding the country's industrial knowledge base.

CROP will start at the Sisecam Eskişehir Glassware plant and last for two years.

The project is expected to have a major impact through information transfer to other Sisecam plants.

CROP is one of 17 projects supported as a result of TÜBİTAK's 1711 Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem Call in 2023.

The project includes modeling that will help manage the change created by artificial intelligence, achieve results to benefit humanity, produce value from artificial intelligence, and achieve full independence in critical technologies.