Sisecam’s CEO Görkem Elverici presented the glass manufacturer and raw material supplier’s goals and growth journey at the World Soda Ash Conference in Athens, Greece last week.

After starting soda ash production production in Turkey in 1969, it took its soda ash operations to a new level with its investments in the USA, which was started in 2019 and expanded in 2021.

“As a result of these investments, Sisecam is now one of the top two soda ash producers of the world,” he said.

Mr Elverici indicated that its investments in the USA are the most important step towards its vision of serving the entire soda ash market globally.

“Our US soda ash investments have strengthened Sisecam’s presence in the global market and increased our flexibility.

“Our production operations in four countries have also reduced Sisecam’s geographic risks, which is one of the biggest problems in today's world.

“As the largest vertically integrated player operating in all core areas of glass and chemicals production, Sisecam is present in the market both as a producer and a customer. This unique position gives Sisecam the ability to predict market fluctuations and exercise superior control over supply-demand management.”

Sisecam has an annual soda ash production capacity of 5 million tones which will double to 10 million tons in 2028 when its US investment is scheduled for completion.

Mr Elverici also pointed out another investment that will create a logistics infrastructure and enable Sisecam to achieve its natural soda ash export targets in the USA.

Its subsidiary Sisecam Chemicals USA and Ciner Group have become partners in Denmar US, which will carry out the Stockton Port Management investment project for the future logistics needs of its soda ash in the USA.

“Sisecam aims to start its Stockton Port Management investment in 2027 with an annual capacity of 5 million tons. We are pursuing investments that will ensure our sustainable growth journey,” Mr Elverici said.