PaneraTech has successfully demonstrated measurement of residual fused-cast AZS thickness on a float line surface.

A global float glass manufacturer requested a blind trial of the SmartMelter RTS Sensor on one of its furnaces in Europe before the glass line was lowered for hot repair.

One week before the repair, the PaneraTech team measured blocks on both sides of the float line furnace.

A total of eight blocks were measured, and PaneraTech submitted those measurements to the manufacturer without knowledge of actual fused-cast AZS block thickness.

Once the glass was lowered to a safe level, the blocks were recovered and the manufacturer compared the actual AZS thickness with the SmartMelter RTS Sensor data.

The measurements that PaneraTech submitted were within 5mm (0.2 inches) of the actual thickness of the blocks.

In addition to previously released successful blind trial with a container glass manufacturer, PaneraTech soon will be releasing additional trial information featuring its Furnace Tomography Sensor (FTS) for glass leak detection, and Refractory Thickness Sensor (RTS) for fused-cast AZS thickness carried out with a global container glass manufacturer.