Loadhog’s Queen’s Award-winning glass bottle containment system, Smartstak, now has another dimension with the launch of a product designed to optimise the transport of glass bottles and jars, particularly in Europe.

The new element introduced to the Smartstak concept is the Smartcap - a universal plastic reusable capping tray.

When used in conjunction with the Smartpad - a Smartstak component - the Smartcap creates an intelligent glass bottle packaging system which eliminates cardboard capping trays used predominantly in Europe, in addition to shrink wrapping.

The Smartpads are injection moulded, waved edged layers in the Smartstak system which ensure pallet stability and allow bottles to be added to each layer or even complete layers added to a pallet.

The Smartcap reduces the cost of one-trip, disposable packaging and associated CO² emissions. It improves hygiene and wet weather performance by providing a waterproof barrier with no spoiled pallets and is washed and handled in the same way as Smartpads,

Smartcaps are washed after every trip at its wash plants in Sheffield, UK and Pegoes, Portugal which utilise reverse osmosis water. The plants do not to use any detergents and are tested to stringent hygiene requirements.

With an active hinge feature, the Smartcap requires no assembly, thereby eliminating manual labour or construction equipment costs, which are associated with existing cardboard trays.

It retains the top layer of bottles, holding the necks securely in place and avoiding deforms during shrouding to protect bottles.

Other benefits of using reusable Smartcaps, rather than cardboard capping trays, are that inventory can be reduced; fewer products and less storage space are required and there are also storage and stock cost savings.