Belgium companies Socabelec and VDV Lubricants presented their swabbing portfolio to a group of Iranian container glassmakers.

The two companies gave three speeches during the event held in Iran where they discussed manual lubrication and introduced Socabelec’s swabbing robot.

VDV’s General Manager Francois Breye, discussed first manual compound and the evolution in the formulation for a sustainable and environment friendly products, and how to apply the manual compound for a better efficiency and less consumption of oil.

In between Mr Breye’s two speeches, Marco Veri, Socabelec CEO, presented the swabbing-robot on the fly, and explained how it works, how to install it on existing machines, its compatibility with different brand IS machine builders, and discussed projects and installations references in the Netherlands, Germany, USA and Thailand) as well as orders in progress in Germany, Sweden, Australia, France, UK, Thailand and India.

There were 20 people from six Iranian container glassmakers attending the event.

The event was organised after the Iranian companies expressed an interest in automatic swabbing at a meeting in February.

They requested a presentation dedicated to Socabelec’s swabbing-robot and wanted to know more about its performance and advantages compared to other available technologies.

Mr Veri said: “The reaction of the Iranians was very enthusiastic. Some plant managers and a CEO plan to visit a European glass plant where Socabelec’s swabbing robots are installed before the end of the year.”