Society of Glass Technology (SGT) President, Bill Brookes, set an optimistic tone at its annual Christmas dinner dance, writes Sally Roberts.

The event, organised by the Yorkshire section of the SGT, was the 83rd of its kind and was well attended by UK glass manufacturers, suppliers and industry veterans.

During the event, the society’s recently elected President Bill Brookes called on the glass industry as a whole to support the SGT and its efforts, as well as underlining that he is eager to better understand how the SGT can help the industry.

“I’d like to say thank you, it is an honour and a privilege to be asked to do this.

“It would appear that the British glass industry, despite everything, their demise has been sadly and greatly over exaggerated. It is great to see you all here tonight.

“I would like to go and visit as many clients and companies in the UK as possible, during the time that I am President.

“When I come to see you, I will want to talk about what the industry wants, and what we can do for you.

“One of the things we really want to know is what can the SGT do for you – and of course, you must expect that naturally I will want to sell the society and encourage as many people as possible to join as members.”

He also thanked the Yorkshire section and its committee for organising the event, with a special mention to Christine Brown for all the work she does, and to the sponsors.

During the dinner a special mention was also given to Guardian’s Richard Hulme, who last year was made Honorary Centenary Fellow of the SGT – a prestigious position that is only awarded once every 100 years.

New appointments were also made, with DSF’s Trevor Wilson being elected to the fellowship of the society and Brian McMillan accepted as Honorary Fellow, the highest honour that can be awarded by the Society.

Pictured Above: Brian McMillan receiving his Hon FSGT from Bill Brookes, SGT President.

The Board of Fellows had considered, among other things, his achievements as Technical Director in the glass industry in making the decision.

Marc Brew received an Award for Service.

A total of 164 people attended with many from manufacturers such as Saint-Gobain, Stölzle and Beatson Clark as well as suppliers to the industry.

The event took place at Oulton Hall, just outside Leeds, UK.

Pictured Top: DSF's Trevor Wilson receiving his FSGT from SGT President, Bill Brookes.

(Pics courtesy of Black Tie Events - Richard Walker)