German glass engineering company Sorg has built a full electric furnace type VSM flexible for opal and flint glass production at Heinz-Glas’ facility in Działdowo, Poland.

The existing all-electric furnace had a capacity of max. 30 t/d and was equipped with two all-electric forehearths and two IS machines.

The existing furnace operated well, and the forehearths showed good performance in opal glass but were limited in flint glass manufacture due to blisters formed by electrochemical reboil.

Because of a breakdown in March 2020, the furnace needed replacing. To serve the demand of Heinz-Glas customers, the furnace had to be rebuilt quickly.

Since the installation space of the old furnace was already very tight and would not have allowed for any future expansion, Heinz-Glas decided to extend a warehouse on the other side of its property to create a second production building and build the new all-electric furnace there.

The Sorg Group was asked to develop a flexible furnace concept that was prepared for additional expansion.

Nikolaus Sorg provided a turn-key furnace installation, including necessary materials like cooling air and cooling water with their respective piping and cabling.

During the engineering phase, this was supported by 3D media design.

EME was asked to quote the complete cullet return system of the new plant as well as the extensive batch transport system required to bring the batch from the existing batch house across the site to the new building.

SKS delivered the complete furnace steel and platforms, including erection. Also, the refractory construction, including heating up and filling the furnace, was the responsibility of SKS.

Since the market demand for high-class cosmetic packaging changes a lot with current fashion, the focus in furnace design was on maximum flexibility.

The new furnace was designed for a pull of 35 t/d, feeding two production lines. A later expansion to 50 t/d and a third production line is foreseen. That means all furnace equipment is already prepared for 50 t/d.

Since the start-up in October 2021, the furnace has already successfully gone through several high-quality flint glass campaigns, several PCR flint glass productions, and also extensive opal campaigns.

Full story published in the October issue of Glass International printed issue.