Nikolaus Sorg has implemented a new corporate design.

Aspects of this were already visible in 2016 glass magazine ads. Now a new website, company slogan and initial brochures are live.

The German company said it started by looking hard at what it stands for and offered all employees the opportunity to incorporate this into an appropriate slogan for a cash award.

While it did not directly use any of the entries, it did pay bonuses for what its committee considered to be the best two entries. The numerous suggestions helped inspire it to come up with the new Value by Design slogan.

The new website was launched in time for glasstec 2016 last week. It decided on a modern but minimalistic approach concentrating on its core messages. There is an emphasis on its team with more photographs and direct email links to key personnel.

The background objects in the new web site are all made of or incorporate glass. These pieces were all items that are present in its Lohr offices.

The site has also been optimised to view on mobile platforms (tablets and phones).

It asked a number of customers for permission to display their logos on its home page. The positive responses were overwhelming. Sorg maintains this section of the website using the Wordpress content management system. The first 20 or so logos have been resized and are online. It will work on including the remaining logos after the glasstec rush dies down.

Sorg also updated its brochures, updating both content and corporate design and were distributed at glasstec last week. Its new image brochure is the condensed story of the Sorg family and company. The other one is Glass Conditioning. These and others will be available for download on its homepage as they are completed. is online and can be viewed in German and English.