Glass engineering company Sorg has been appointed to rebuild pharmaceutical glassmaker Gerresheimer’s Furnace 2 at its plant in Lohr, Germany.

The furnace was last reconstructed in 2009, and after 11 years, it had reached the end of its life cycle.

The furnace building will be extended to fit new technology and the extended production equipment, while the furnace, regenerative chambers, feeders and the exhaust systems will all being renewed.

Approximately one billion units of type III glass in different colours, designs and filling capacities are manufactured at the Lohr facility every year.

The portfolio includes tablet jars, syrup bottles, dropper bottles and acid-resistant chemicals bottles.

The moulded glass range includes some 600 different articles ranging from 3ml to 4l in size for the pharmaceutical, food and beverages segments, with the majority of products manufactured being pharmaceutical containers.