The Sorg Glass Conditioning team celebrated the sale of its 300th x40 forehearth with a 300cl bottle of champagne.

The glass technology specialist’s programme included the 240, 340, 540 and 640 models. Sorg combined the advantages of BEG forehearths with its own design to come up with the 340S and 340S+ forehearths.

Mr Fred Aker, Sorg's Sales Director, said: “It is a pleasure having such a widely accepted product.”

“It makes my job in sales much easier.”

“We look forward to establishing the new improved Sorg 340S+ forehearth in the market as well.”

Mr Aker presented the champagne bottle to Jürgen Grössler, the Head of the Glass Conditioning department.

This is a major milestone for Sorg after the takeover of the Bucher Emhart Glass forehearth programme in 2006.

The Glass Conditioning department has also completed projects including: 290 STF forehearths, 160 STW working ends, 50 special forehearths (Boroglass and C-Glass), 65 forehearth side wall boosting systems, 90 stirrer units and 150 Conti-Drain systems.