Tunisian container glass manufacturer Sotuver has selected Zippe to provide equipment for a new furnace project.

The African glassmaker plans to install a third furnace which will have a production capacity of 300 tonnes/day with a cullet portion of approximately 15%.

Production will be carried out on four IS-lines. The new furnace will be built directly next to its two existing melting furnaces.

Zippe Industrieanlagen has already been involved in the building of its first batch house, which was at its old site within Tunis.

Sotuver has manufactured hollow glass containers for the food industry since 1967.

The listed company produces bottles and glassware in two melting furnaces for flint and green colour at its site in Djebel Oust, 30km south of Tunis, for the North, Western and Central African markets as well as the Southern European market.

Up to now, the production capacity of the two furnaces was 120,000 tonnes per year. Sotuver produces three colours: flint, emerald green and antic green.

Zippe received the order to supply the batch house, batch transport, and cullet return system in March this year.

It also received an order for the planning and supply of a recycling plant for post-consumer glass cullet with a capacity of 360t/d. Both plants are expected to be commissioned in July 2021.

Zippe will be responsible for the overall planning of the plants and equipment supply, the electrical control system, and will offer support during the installation and commissioning period.

The steel works as well as the installation works will be provided locally.

The new batch house will consist of 17 silos in total. For one part these silos are fed by mechanical transport and for the other part they are fed pneumatically by silo trucks or a pneumatic sender system.

For this project Zippe will pay attention to a high redundancy for the charging possibilities.

Raw materials are weighed through an additive weighing process and are conveyed into a mixer by a discharge belt.

The mixer has a volume of 1.875l and will be supplied by Zippe. Batch transport is effected by a conveying belt system into both dog houses of the regenerative U-flame furnace.

For the cullet return system, Zippe will supply a scraping conveyor for charging hot cullet as well as a main crushing station among other equipment.

Sotuver already has a cullet post-consumer recycling plant in operation which does not have the sufficient capacity for the future.

As an essential component of the new post-consumer glass recycling plant, Zippe will install a two roller crusher, a magnet drum, and an eddy current separator as well as a screen tray with CSP sorting level.