Stara Glass was named as one of the 100 National Ambassadors of Italy for 2020 in a ceremony held in January.

The official ceremony was held in the prestigious Sala Koch of Palazzo Madama, seat of the Senate of the Italian Republic.

The 100 National Ambassadors award is dedicated to worthy municipalities, and companies who are engaged in representative areas for each Italian region, such as manufacturing, food and wine or innovation.

These companies are said to bring knowledge of the place of origin and its iconic style to Italy and abroad.

They are also said to invest in employee ethics, health and training, as well as a know how in defending its roots and enhancing excellence, with an eye always focused on progress.

The internal Observatory of Italian Excellence with the supervision of the Honor Committee identified Stara Glass as one of the 100 National Ambassadors.

This was on the basis of its investment in ethics, employee training, its strong link with the territory of origin, the competitiveness and sustainability.

Stara Glass was selected as a company that knows how to ‘defend its roots and enhance excellence, with an eye always focused on sustainability and innovation’.