Steklarna Hrastnik has completed an 8.5 million euro upgrade in its Special glass containers unit.

The Slovenian company has increased its production capacity to 138 tons of glass per day. Steklarna Hrastnik will increase production capacity of high-quality boutique bottles for spirits. It has gained an automation of production and improved technological processes, which will strengthen the company at the global forefront of niche manufacturers of technically demanding bottles.

Steklarna Hrastnik Director-General, Andrej Božič, said: "Steklarna Hrastnik is an energy conscious company which is responsible for the effective and efficient use of energy and water.

“Due to selected technology and introduction of a series of environmental improvements, which are based on our own knowledge, we have achieved significantly lower energy and water consumption even after we increased our production capacity."

In the past year, Steklarna Hrastnik has reduced water consumption by 55%, NOx emissions by 75%, dust particle emissions by 35% and emission of CO2 by almost 30%.

The latest investment in the Special unit will reduce energy consumption by an additional 20%.

The values ​​of NOx emissions are now 800 mg/Nm3, which is currently below the legally prescribed limit. Emissions of CO2 have dropped by 10%.

Due to the comprehensive reconstruction of the wastewater treatment plant for process water, Steklarna Hrastnik reduced the consumption of fresh water by approximately 40m3 per day.

Treatment plant is operating under the principle of a closed circuit, which means that the water is not discharged into the environment, but always remains within the factory.

Pictured: Steklarna Hrastnik's B Furnace