Steklarna Hrastnik Glassworks has signed an agreement today to secure funding for the modernisation of its container glass plant.

The investment is worth €8 million, 75% of which will be loaned by NLB financial group, while the glassworks will provide €2 million of its own funds.

The funds will be used for the renovation of furnaces and the purchase of new, more powerful machines in the Special Unit, where the glassworks produces bottles.

After the reconstruction, the life of furnaces will be extended by 10 years. At the same time, the glassworks will also introduce other improvements required by the increase in the production capacities.

The modernisation work will include maintenance of the closed loop water system, in order to increase and improve the system of wastewater treatment.

With this investment, Steklarna Hrastnik Glassworks will acquire a high degree of production automation and improved technological processes, consequently the glassworks will be further strengthened at the global forefront of niche manufacturers producing technically demanding bottles.

Andrej Božič, Director-General of Steklarna Hrastnik Glassworks, said: “The modernisation of production is entirely the result of knowledge of employees in Steklarna Hrastnik Glassworks. With this investment, we can achieve our goals with regard to production capacity, technical specifications and responsible environmental management. "

Work will commence on 15 September 2014 and last until 3 November 2014, when production starts.