Steklarna Hrastnik is nearing the end of its construction phase of its new hybrid glass furnace in Hrastnik, Slovenia.

According to its website, with the hybrid regenerative glass furnace (BEAR) project, Steklarna Hrastnik will demonstrate a first-of-a-kind hybrid end-fired regenerative furnace.

The project started in September 2022, and its planned date of entry into operation is Q1 2025.

The hybrid furnace will replace the existing end-fired regenerative furnace for extra-white flint glass production, thereby resulting in a more than 50% reduction in natural gas consumption and up to 33% in greenhouse gas emissions avoidance over the first ten years of operation.

The furnace has an electrical melting share of over 40% and a throughput capacity of 170 tpd.

This investment in sustainable production technologies is expected to have a great impact on the local economy by retaining current jobs and creating new ones.

Furthermore, with its coupling of innovative technologies and local renewable energy sources, the project will serve as a model for the decarbonisation of other energy-intensive industries in the region.