Pharmaceutical glass producer Stevanato Group plans to open a Technology Excellence Center in Boston, USA in September.

The Italian-based group said the new centre will provide a full-service approach to support biopharmas along their drug development journey, from early phase to commercialisation and lifecycle management.

With its 70-year expertise in glass primary container manufacturing, Stevanato Group has 70 years of experience in glass container manufacturing.

Since 2013, an interdisciplinary team of researchers and scientists in Italy have been conducting testing, from container performance to chemical analysis. Through the years, the company also strengthened its analytical capabilities with a network of collaborators and partnerships, such as with Pfeiffer Vacuum for Container Closure Integrity Testing.

To respond to the growing demand in US biologics for integrated analytical offerings and project management services, Stevanato Group is establishing the new Technology Excellence Center.

Paolo Patri, Stevanato Group Chief Technology Officer, said: "From its outset, the US TEC will advise on materials science, chemistry, and engineering performing many added value analytical tests focusing on container closure characterisation as well as fill&finish development and optimisation.

In the second phase, we will be adding customised solutions dedicated to product development and functional testing of primary containers and drug delivery devices.

To support today's increasingly urgent need for treatments and vaccines related to COVID-19, Stevanato Group has deployed all its available assets to ensure the availability of glass vials and syringes, plastics diagnostic consumables, equipment, and analytical testing.

Abizer Harianawala, Site Leader at Stevanato Group's US TEC, said: "As pharma companies are under pressure to find more effective and safer treatments rapidly, more clinical trials take place, and new emerging therapies are developed and tested.

"Being in the US, we can offer timely solutions for robust product development for these therapies.”