Stölzle has developed an illuminated limited edition 1.75L bottle for Ciroc Ignite, predominantly aimed at night clubs.

It was launched in October 2014, exclusively for the UK market.

Ciroc Ignite incorporates an LED light which is attached to the base for maximum impact in night clubs.

It enhances the luxury cues of the bottle and further increases Ciroc’s visibility.

The illuminating effect comes from a spray coat with fluorescent lacquers.

Stölzle Flaconnage, the British production site of the Stölzle Glass Group, carries out both production and decoration of a wide range of Ciroc bottles.

Stölzle Glass Group has six European production sites and is a leader in both custom design and standard glass containers for Perfumery & Cosmetics, Prestige Spirits as well as Healthcare & Consumer.

The UK plant in Yorkshire mainly produces Prestige Spirits bottles and high quality containers for the Perfumery and Personal Care markets.

A variety of in-house decoration techniques such as hot foil blocking and multi-colour spraying are offered.

Latest innovations at Stölzle include sprayed metallisation, mask-spray, UV cured spraying or printing, digital printing, printing with special inks (fluorescent under UV light, phosphorescent—glowing in the dark, and colour changing), mirror inks, embossed lettering, and IPET.