Stoelzle Glass Group has opened a decoration facility at its glass manufacturing site in the USA.

The installation of the CNC machine at the Monaca production facility enables printing in larger quantities, in addition to screen-printing for customers in the USA.

August Grupp, Head of Business Unit Spirits, said: “The Monaca plant continues to see success for Stoelzle Glass Group.

“North America represents one of the most important markets for the liquor and spirits industry globally, and now we will have more to offer new and existing customers.”

Decoration options will include ceramic colours, precious metals, organic and UV colours, printing around corners and in 360-degree motions, as well as more services.

The machinery is equipped with a fully automatic control camera system and will allow for annual capacity of up to 20 million bottles.

Decoration Expansion In Poland

Stoelzle Częstochowa has also updated printing machines at its site in Poland.

A new machine was added to the seven lines of the Kamman printing machines.

In keeping with increased customer demand, the new printing line offers four sections, a 20% more efficient new lehr, and increased capacity from 12,500 pieces per shift to more than 25,000 pieces.

“Thanks to new innovations, automation and the commitment of our employees, we are able to generate twice the amount of products in comparison to the previous line,” said Artur Woloszyn, CEO of Stoelzle Częstochowa.