Stoelzle Glass Group has appointed Dr. August Grupp as its CEO.

The Austrian-headquartered glass manufacturer said the appointment marked a significant leadership transition and a generational shift as Mr Georg Feith passes the role of CEO to Dr. August Grupp.

The appointment signifies the owner-family's next generation assuming leadership.

Mr Feith will transition, after a successful five-year tenure as CEO, to a new leadership role within CAG Holding, of which Stoelzle is a part.

Dr. Grupp comes well prepared to his new role, having held several key leadership positions within the group since 2019.

In his last position, he served as the Head of the Business Unit Spirits. Additionally, he took on the position of Managing Director for a newly acquired production facility in the USA, where he oversaw sales and production operations.

He holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zurich, an MBA from INSEAD in Singapore and France, and a PhD from the Sophia University in Tokyo.

Dr. Grupp stated: “I am proud to be entrusted as CEO of Stoelzle Glass Group. I am fully committed to upholding my responsibilities in ensuring the company's continuous growth while preserving our family values.”

Dr. Cornelius Grupp, said: “I am very happy that my son is stepping into the new role of CEO. I trust his abilities to lead and manage the company for the good and the long term.”

Stoelzle Glass Group's CEO Dr. August Grupp has been a part of its leadership team since 2019.