European packaging glass organisation Stoelzle Glass Group, has joined the International Partners in Glass Research (IPGR).

The IPGR aims to increase and maintain the competitiveness of glass in the packaging industry by research and development.

Sustainability has been a major issue to Stoelzle for years and it has invested significantly in R&D, technologies and processes throughout all production and decoration sites to achieve targets in the field of energy reduction and to boost eco-friendly processes and technologies.

Joining the IPGR was a great honour and important step in Stoelzle’s Sustainability Roadmap it said.

“It was a logical next step to join forces with other top global glassmakers in R&D activities. We are confident to make a significant contribution to the research programmes of IPGR and will enhance the glass expert teams by our Head of R&D, Mr Niklas Zwettler, PhD, and the Head of Technical Engineering Group, Mr Wilfried Lenk,” said Group CEO Georg Feith (pictured above).

The IPGR, based in Aachen, Germany consists of 10 companies, which all take part in glass research.

Stoelzle Glass Group consist of six European production sites and three decoration facilities and is known for its excellence in design, production and decoration.