Stölzle Glass Group has launched its Prestige Standards Range which is aimed at the rum market.

The launch came after Stölzle’s research discovered trends in the spirits sector and an opportunity within the rum market for startups to make their mark by having uniqueand attractive bottles.

The new range was produced with startups in mind, who may not have the capital for fully bespoke bottles in the same way larger spirits companies do, but still want their glassware to feel premium and to the highest standard.

Stölzle has created a range totaling 12 bottles. Each has beautifully designed and precision-engineered glass bottle standards as a canvas for bringing spirit brands to life.

All bottles are categorised by four different families. The Straight and Taper ranges are made up of four bottles, each with two height options.

The Barrel range offers two bottles of differing heights, and the Conical range includes two silhouette options of the same height.

Each bottle in the range has the capability to be coloured and customised to a business’ brand aesthetic.

Brands can also decorate their bottles with a number of techniques including, but not limited to, Screen Printing, Acid-Etch Spraying and Precious Metal Application.

Gary Steen, UK Sales Director at Stölzle, said: “We’re always seeking opportunities where we can help our current and potential customers grow their brand identity.

“The bottles in our Prestige Standards Range can help those starting out craft a solid and flexible look for their brand.”