Digital glassmaking has enabled Stölzle’s Masnieres site in France to offer its customers finished samples in less than four weeks.

The site is the company’s centre of excellence for perfumery and cosmetics and it now offers its customers more flexibility in development and in production runs.

The site’s Managing Director, Etienne Gruyez, said: “The industry is adapting to keep relevant with the digital big bang. For example we can provide new finished samples to our customers in less than four weeks thanks to a complete digitalisation of the design phase. Digital printing allows us to also minimise errors and reduce costs.”

When it comes to the development of new products, all departments involved, including the mould shop, its team of product developers and designers, along with its decoration facility, are fully integrated and co-operate closely with each other.

This ensures the availability of a finished, decorated glass sample within a four week development process.

“What the client needs is flexibility and that’s what digital brings. Agility is what we try to offer at Stölzle,” said Mr Gruyez.

The site has also installed new production equipment which allows it to manufacture two different items – meaning two different shapes – simultaneously on the same production line. This reduces the minimum order quantity and the number of moulds required for an item.