Austrian glass manufacturer Stölzle-Oberglas has installed a huge rooftop photovoltaic system at its Köflach plant.

The company installed the PV systems on eight warehouses at its plant.

Each of the eight individual PV systems has a nominal output of around 200 kilowatts peak, so a total of 1.6 MW peak, which corresponds to 25% of the electrical power which is required by the Austrian glass plant at peak times.

A waste gas heat exchanger was implemented in 2015 at the Austrian glass plant which feeds the waste heat from the two melting furnaces into the district heating network of Energie Steiermark.

This compensates for 4300 tonnes of CO2 every year.

Since 2018, 170,000 MWh of green electricity and 450,000 MWh of green thermal energy has been generated in three biomass power plants owned by CAG Holding, to which the Stölzle Glass Group belongs.

This corresponds to 2/3 of the total energy consumption of all six European glassworks of the Stölzle Glass Group.