Stölzle has had two of its spirits bottles nominated for industry awards this year, both of which were manufactured at its Knottingley, UK site.

The Isle of Harris gin bottle has been nominated at the UK Packaging Awards 2016 for ‘Best Packaging of a New Product’, and at the Luxury Packaging Awards in the ‘Primary Pack Bottle’ category.

Stölzle’s bottle for Royal Brackla whisky has been nominated for ‘Glass Pack of the Year – Premium’ at the UK Packaging Awards.

The recent and increasing trend for gin is becoming more and more prevalent, and the bottle Stölzle created for Isle of Harris gin was designed to highlight the elemental nature of its namesake Scottish island.

In particular, the influence of the sea can be found in the ripples that curve round the whole bottle, capturing the feeling of the Isle of Harris with its sand, white beaches and azure blue sea.

A further touch of luxury was added to the bottle with a turquoise spray, which references the sea and its characteristics.

Another remarkable feature has a specifically functional benefit.

A slight indentation, implemented on one side of the bottle, will ease the serving of the gin, and also compliments the natural scenery existing on the Isle.

As for the Royal Brackla bottle, to promote the Royal Brackla brand in an appropriate way and to highlight the characteristics of the whisky, Bacardi once again enlisted the expertise of the Stölzle Glass Group.

The slim, straight, slightly conical body made of white flint glass stands out with an extensive push-up base.

This eye-catching base is linked to the UK’s Highland where the whisky is produced, and gives the bottle a royal, luxurious touch.

It also adds a competitive advantage, as it will be easily recognised by customers.

The manufacture of this shape requires extremely sound technical expertise.

Stölzle combined several alternative methods and used different metals in order to cool the base properly at a different rate than the rest of the bottle.

This was the only reasonable way to meet the customer’s expectations and transfer them into the bottle’s design.

Beyond that, embossments with the year of Bacardi’s inception are included to inform customers of the experience of the renowned brand.

The rolling neck with the closure on top of the bottle finishes the whole design, by protecting the high quality whisky inside.

The bottle is available in 700 ml, 750 ml and 1 litre.

Stölzle Glass Group is a specialist in producing high-end glass containers for its Prestige Spirits and Perfumery & Cosmetics divisions.

Stölzle has great expertise in both custom design and standard glass containers.

An Innovation Team works closely with clients, taking their beautiful concepts and producing outstanding products.

An exclusive touch of luxury can be added to all products in decoration. Latest innovations include printing with special effect inks, metallisation, laser cutting, embossed lettering, and accessory application.