The largest glass recycler in North America, Strategic Materials, has been acquired by Littlejohn private investment company.

Strategic Materials is headquartered in Houston, TX and is focused on recovering and processing post-consumer and post-industrial glass in North America.

It operates a network of 47 facilities across the US, Canada and Mexico and serves large and stable end markets, including glass packaging, fibreglass insulation, flat glass and highway safety bead markets.

The company’s recycled glass product, or cullet, results in energy savings and a reduction in carbon emissions by up to 30% when used in container glass and fiberglass insulation production.

Brian Michaud, a Principal at Littlejohn, said: “As recycled product demand and sustainable manufacturing practices have become a priority for numerous markets worldwide, we believe Strategic Materials is at the forefront to meet those product needs and services on a much larger scale.”

Denis Suggs (pictured), President and CEO of Strategic Materials, added: “Littlejohn has deep expertise in helping industrial companies reach their full potential, and we are pleased they have recognised the opportunities in our business.”

The transaction is expected to close in November 2017.