North American glass recycler Strategic Materials has refreshed its brand identity to celebrate its 125th anniversary.

Since its start in 1896 as a partner to General Electric (GE) for recycling lightbulb glass, Strategic Materials has evolved to a recycling solutions provider with operations in three countries.

The company brand refresh comes after a year-long research and creative strategy process, centred on feedback from employees, customers, suppliers, and investors.

“We’ve spent the past year reflecting on who we are and where we came from to help ground us in who we need to be,” said Chris Dods, SMI’s President & CEO.

“We listened to our key stakeholders and used their feedback as a guide in our branding structure and operating principles to better service our markets for the recycling challenges today and beyond.”

To commemorate the rebrand, Strategic Materials is set to launch the company’s first-ever sustainability report in the coming weeks and has a new website rolling out in the Autumn.