Germany’s glassglobal group has completed the installation of its ggENOx at Chile’s Cristalerías Toro.

Glassglobal’s engineering and consultancy group carried out the installation, which saw ggENOx integrated in all of Cristalerías Toro's three end-port container glass furnaces.

Two furnaces in continuous operation were not interrupted for the installation; the third installation was realised in a new furnace.

The ggENOx installations, including a combustion optimization, resulted in a more than 40% NOx reduction.

The installations also brought an additional energy. Until today, Cristalerías Toro achieved an energy reduction by 3-5% that still has to be proven long term.

"We are very happy with the ggENOx system and we now have achieved a position to cope with the governmental limit values and do not have to pay any penalty.

"The investment will be amortised within a very short period", said Alvaro Medina, Sustainable Innovations Manager at Cristalerías Toro.