Tableware producers in Italy and Brazil are among the latest glassmakers to benefit from the automated inspection solutions delivered by Iris Inspection Machines.

It is now two years since the Bron-based specialist developed the necessary know-how for the inspection of drinking glasses, refining its container inspection technology to meet the demands of the international tableware sector.

Today, Iris Evolution 12 and Evolution 5 machines are successfully operating at several international factories, including those of Italy’s Vetreria di Borgonovo and Nadir Figueiredo of Brazil.

Piacenza-based Vetreria di Borgonova produces 500 different pressed and blown glassware designs, while Nadir Figueiredo has been the reference point for quality glass tableware production in Brazil for more than 100 years, operating from new production facilities in Sao Paulo.

Thanks to the flexibility and universal hardware of Evolution 12 and Evolution 5 machines, intelligent software allows users to inspect surface and geometric defects in hollow glassware.

The combination of 12 cameras and sophisticated inspection tools and algorithms permits the inspection of numerous defects, including breaks, broken edges, scratches, bubbles, stones, tears and chipped cups. In addition, the technology plays an important dimensional inspection role, controlling verticality, planeity and diameters.

An important advantage for tableware manufacturers is that Evolution 12 machines can be used to inspect different articles on the conveyor simultaneously, thanks to the equipment’s intelligent software recognising and identifying the different items.