A series of solutions are available from Iris Inspection machines to accommodate the complex inspection requirements of glass bottles of every size, colour and shape.

Developed specifically for large and tall ware, a version of Evolution 16 and Evolution 5 technology is being used successfully to inspect from standard wine, beverage and beer bottles, to large containers in weights of up to 6000g, maximum heights of 600mm and diameters up to 200mm.

This equipment is suitable for use with all bottle shapes, including cylindrical, square, rectangular and triangular and in every colour (e.g. flint, extra flint, green, amber and black).

The complex technical challenges posed by big and tall glassware required the development of larger/higher light sources, dedicated handling solutions and a special mechanical reject system.

There are no speed or inspection limitations, thanks to the use of optimised mechanical and optical machine configurations, such as the use of dedicated lenses to inspect in the heel.

All Iris software modules are applicable, including multiple article inspection, engraving recognition, intelligent algorithms etc.

Furthermore, these machines benefit from all Evolution machine software developments.

To date, more than 30 machines installed on dedicated tall ware production lines

have been completed throughout the world.

Applications include the inspection of Jeroboam and Mathusalem Champagne bottles (3 litres and 6 litres), the ‘Impériale’ bordeaux bottle (6 litres) and the Johnny Walker Black Label one gallon bottle (4.5 litres).