Pakistani glass manufacturer Tariq Glass Industries is to speak at the Glassman Latin America conference in Mexico.

The company’s Technical Director, Mustafa Baig, will provide a presentation titled Growing Together: How Collaboration Boosts Manufacturing Success.

Mr Baig is among 24 speakers who will provide presentations at the Glassman event in Santa Fe, Mexico City on May 15 and 16.

In his abstract of his presentation, he states: “In the dynamic world of manufacturing, collaboration shines as a powerful force for growth and innovation.

“This talk dives into how manufacturers can team up to unlock fresh opportunities and tackle challenges together.

“By building smart partnerships, sharing what we've got, and combining our know-how, we can make a bigger impact and reach further in the global market. And yes, competition is still around, but by looking past it and working together, we'll rise even higher.

“It's crucial to recognise that in the vast landscape of glass manufacturing, we're not in competition with every manufacturer.

“By identifying strategic partnerships with non-competing counterparts, we can create synergistic alliances that propel us all forward. Join me as we explore the incredible potential of collaboration in shaping the future of manufacturing.”

The glassman event is a combined trade show and conference focused on the processes involved in glass manufacturing. It features experts from the hot and cold ends who will talk about the latest technologies and trends in glass production. It is free to attend and pre registered visitors