The largest digital printer for glass in the United Arab Emirates has been installed by Tecglass.

Based on a deal signed with Technical Glass and Aluminium Company last year, the Vitro Jet FS24 digital printer with Side Kinetix technology was developed in the company’s Lalìn plant.

Measuring 3300mm x 12000 mm, the Vitro Jet FS24 is designed to optimise printing on super-sized glass.

Thanks to the special movement of the print head parallel to the support table, Side Kinetix technology is specifically engineered to always print along the long edge of the glass.

This patented technology is said to make for increasingly efficient printing and production processes.

It has 1440dpi print resolution, 12 available colour channels at maximum speed, 48 individual heads (with 1000 nozzles each) for maximum power and seven ink drop sizes.

This positions the Vitro Jet FS24 among the best tools for maximising architectural glass use in the most sophisticated decorative design projects.

The agreement signed last year formalises a new partnership between Tecglass, Technical Glass and Aluminium Company.