Thai Malaya Glass has inaugurated the SB5 melting furnace at its Saraburi plant, Thailand.

The new furnace will expand the group's production capacity by 400tpd container glass in emerald green and flint.

Sorg supplied a regenerative gas-heated end-fired furnace, including a control system and all the peripheral equipment for the new production plant.

The furnace is equipped with a melting booster to increase the melting capacity and flexibility.

The melting plant also comprises two IRD Doghouses and two EME-NEND S2 screw chargers. The four production lines are connected to the furnace via one Sorg STW working end and four Sorg forehearths.

Sorg said: “Once again, Sorg is proud to supply our longtime customer with a highly efficient melting plant based on the latest Sorg technology. We wish Thai Malaya Glass every success with the SB5 furnace.”

Pictured: Participants from Thai Malaya Glass (from left to right): Ms. Nongnuch Payonitikarn, Messrs. Somporn Nasuphan, Boonsak Stitmannaitham, Pattaphong Iamsuro, Vichien Rungwattanakit, Akrapon Aroonrerk, with Sorg's Mr Harald Zenker, who handed the company an inauguration gift.