The Italian convention focused on new topics and priorities crucial to the industry’s future.

Sponsored by Vitrum and the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), the convention was held at the Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro in Murano, Venice in Italy on 6-7 June. The two-day convention brought together 17 international associations and 15 trade publications.

Vitrum President, Dino Zandonella Necca, said: “The second meeting of the International Glass Associations confirms the importance of understanding the true market needs and those of its players.

“But, this is just the beginning because, if last year we laid the groundwork for an absolutely innovative industry journey, this year we managed to map out the priorities to be pursued, aware that concrete results may only be visible in the medium long-term.

“And if the Murano convention can now be deemed the annual spring meeting for the glass industry, at Vitrum 2019, (October 1-4 in Milan) we will certainly have the opportunity to update ourselves and fuel our intentions to increase the value of the industry around the world.”

The convention reinforced the determination of the organisers and delegates from the global glass associations to continue their work together. It focused on current needs, projects and experiences of domestic and international significance.

Laura Biason, Director of Vitrum, said: “Over the last 12 months, since the first edition of the convention, we have continued to strengthen the bond among all the delegates who participated last year, while also engaging with new industry players.

“We succeeded; and this was another huge satisfaction for us, because it means we are on the right track.

“Communication and information took their rightful place among the priority topics, alongside technical and production standardization, education and training, history and culture, energy and environmental stewardship.

“It is incumbent upon us to convey to the media an understanding of the true essence of our efforts here, based on the principles of cooperation and concerted action, that cannot help but work to everyone’s advantage.”

The international associations included GIMAV and ATIV from Italy, VDMA from Germany, Abravidro from Brazil, AGGA from Australia, Steklosouz from Russia, ICG from Spain and Glass for Europe from Belgium. They all presented case studies, plans, aims and company needs.

Glass artist Lisette Caputo gave an art demonstration of bead making. The teacher and director at the ArtsConnection Glass Festival practises the ancient Venetian artisan tradition of making glass beads for necklaces, bracelets and other jewellery.

To conclude the day, delegates were split into two groups to see the sights. Activities included a visit to the Holy See Pavillion’s biennale Vatican Chapels, the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore and Le Stanze del Vetro, a prestigious gallery-museum.

Pictured: Delegates at Convention of Glass Associations