Thailand’s Asia Pacific Glass has called on Tiama‘s expertise for its second furnace installation at its Bangkok plant.

The Thai glassmaker has ordered 21 Tiama machines for its cold end due for installation in 2017.

Asia Pacific Glass (APG) created a new, greenfield factory in 2013 with one 310 tonnes per day furnace with three production lines dedicated to Thailand energy drink, Carabao.

It selected Tiama’s best-sellers MCAL4, MULTI4 and MX4 for its cold end inspection.

In summer 2016, after almost three years of collaboration with Tiama, the machines were performing excellent inspection, in line with Tiama’s latest developments.

All production lines were running at consistent, repeatable and reliable quality control levels maintained thanks to stringent operational protocols enforced by APG staff themselves.

Tiama’s tailored inspection & service has played a key role in that APG’s cold end area now vies with the most prestigious glass plants worldwide.

The success of this new factory led to the decision to launch the second furnace installation for 2017. APG called on Tiama’s expertise once again for this development. The company had been supportive and involved since the beginning and a relationship was built between the two companies.

Tiama has also strengthened its presence in Thailand and South East Asia with a Customer Support team, based in Bangkok with five after-sales engineers fully dedicated to the region’s market.

The capacity of this team to ensure proximity and support corresponding to the local needs, explains the noteworthy presence and success of Tiama in the region.