Tiama has filed a court order asking for the stop of sales of Heye International’s Ranger 2 detection system.

It has filed a court order at the Düsseldorf courts in Germany that also requests a product recall and destruction.

Tiama said that Heye's arguments as to why the sequel Ranger 2 would not infringe are not persuasive and is convinced that its patent is still infringed by the Ranger 2.

As earlier communicated by Tiama and Heye, the Düsseldorf court had prohibited Heye’s Ranger-branded cold end detection systems on the basis of Tiama's European Patent EP 1 147 405 B1. It meant Heye had to take its Ranger detection system off the market.

Heye tried to argue non-infringement at the Düsseldorf Courts of first and second instance but the judges did not accept Heye's point of view.

The German Federal Patent Court confirmed the validity of the patent in the scope as asserted in separate proceedings. Heye appealed against this decision.

After being forced to take the patent infringing detection system Ranger from the market, it has recently been replaced by a sequel product advertised under the name Ranger 2.

While the court decision only covers the old Ranger, Tiama has now taken action against the Ranger 2.