Tiama has observed a surge in demand for high-quality, international standard equipment from the North-East Asian hollow Glass market.

2015 saw South Korea’s glass industry upgrading a large number of its inspection equipment to Tiama’s latest technology.

A total of seven new generation inspection machines, MCAL4 (for sidewall & dimensional control, pictured), MULTI4 (finish & base), MX4 (carousel machine) equipped with ATLAS (non-contact check detection), and ARGOS (Non-contact on line check detection in the finish) were installed in South Korea, highlighting a focus on quality from its pharmaceutical and food industry.

Taiwan, a competitive market with export orientated towards the APEC countries, has also evolved over the last three to four years to become one of the most advanced in Asia.

Today, it represents the second market in the region after mainland China to use Tiama’s new generation of inspection machines, with more than 20 units of the new generation MCAL4/MULTI4/MX4 with ATLAS in operation in Taiwan.

However, the country with the most demand for Tiama’s high-level equipment is China, the biggest glass market in the region.

Tiama has already received orders for more than 14 inspection machines, MCAL4, MULTI4 and MX4 equipped with ATLAS, for the beginning of 2016.

By the end of the first quarter of 2016, Tiama will have more than 31 ATLAS systems in operation throughout China, Taiwan and South Korea.