Siam Glass Thailand, an affiliate of Osotspa Co, has installed the Tiama IQ Scan system on to four lines in its Rojana plant.

The installation was successfully completed in early 2020.

The Thailand energy drink market leader, along with its own container supplier, selected a Tiama solution to monitor its new glass factory performance.

To meet increased demand, Osotspa recently opened the new glass factory with technologies that help lower costs, enhance production capacity and are eco-friendly.

With more than 30 years of experience in information system solutions for the glass industry and more than 70 plants equipped worldwide, Tiama with its IQ Scan is helping to improve efficiency and operations by monitoring the plant in real time.

Siam Glass currently uses Tiama IQ Scan at management level, hot end, cold end, but also in Quality and Moldshop departments.

The commissioning was also possible thanks to Tiama's local presence in Thailand with a Customer Support team, based in Bangkok.

It has five after-sales engineers dedicated to the region’s market.

This team, staffed by French and Thai nationals, is part of Tiama's mission statement to provide its customers with rapid-response technical service.