After successfully asserting patent rights in the past against its competitor Heye, Tiama is determined to file a patent infringement suit against Heye International with the goal to prohibit the sale of the current version of its HiShield Ranger 2 product in Germany.

In order to obtain an establish proof on a potential infringement of Tiama’s European patent EP 1 147 405 B1, the global market player in inspection and quality control solutions for the glass packaging industry requested an inspection of Heye’s machinery during the 2016 glasstec fair.

The Düsseldorf District Court granted the respective inspection order and the HiShield Ranger 2 was examined by a neutral technical expert, who concluded in its written report that the patent was infringed.

Tiama is now decided to file a patent infringement suit with the same court prohibiting the manufacture, sale and use of the HiShield Ranger 2.

“The outcome of court proceedings is never certain and there is always the possibility that the court does not see an infringement, but in light of our own examination and the outcome of the expert opinion, we are convinced that we will prevail again in asserting our intellectual property rights”, says Olivier Colle, Manager of IP and R&D partnerships at Tiama.

Tiama remains determined to defend against any violation of its intellectual property rights, which represent the essence of decades of intensive R&D activities in the field of glass inspection solutions.