On November 6, 2014, the regional court in Düsseldorf handed down two judgments in a patent dispute between MSC & SGCC and Heye International holding that Heye’s ‘Ranger’ device infringes MSC’s patents EP 1 147 405 and EP 0 692 710.

The decisions are not final yet, since Heye has appealed the decisions. While the dispute is still pending, Tiama-msc&sgcc said it was confident that the decisions will be confirmed in the appeal stage.

Tiama-msc&sgcc said it had a proud of a history of substantial R&D efforts, aimed at providing its customers the continued high quality of products.

"While it is a slightly hidden compliment if competitors try to copy our successful technology, Tiama-msc&sgcc will continue to vigorously defend its IP portfolio.

“We will protect the companies’ R&D efforts and hope that continued enforcement will eventually discourage further competitors from infringing our proprietary patented technologies.”