Self-service SmartMelter inspections from PaneraTech will be available to new customers for initial inspections effective immediately.

This service, previously extended only to repeat customers, will help glass manufacturers ensure safe and reliable furnace operations as they are forced to adjust maintenance and repair schedules.

Over 50% of SmartMelter inspections to date have been self-service inspections performed by the glass manufacturers themselves. Because the equipment is intuitive, a short training equips plant staff to perform all measurements.

In response to recent Coronavirus COVID-19 restrictions, PaneraTech has also developed a virtual training programme so that new customers can still perform inspections with the help of a dedicated engineer in a convenient time zone. (Pictured: Early mockup for self-service training)

Because the equipment is intuitive, a short training equips plant staff to perform all measurements.

“We are hearing from manufacturers that that supply chain issues and travel restrictions are causing disruption to their repair schedule.

“In some countries, the necessary repair skills aren’t available locally,” said Yakup Bayram, CEO of PaneraTech.

He continued: “This increases furnace risk, so they need to be confident that their furnace can survive the delays. Therefore, we have developed a way to bring a self-service option to all customers without sacrificing support, training, or quality.”

Manufacturers who are performing their first SmartMelter inspection will be shipped the equipment with a longer lease period to utilise it.

An engineer is assigned to their project for virtual training and daily support to guide them through the inspection process.

The SmartMelter team will provide daily reports to the company on the progress of the inspection, with a full report within 1-2 weeks depending on urgency.

To further advance this programme, training videos are being developed that the customer can review while performing the inspection.

For areas where travel is still possible, SmartMelter has field engineers and partners in three regions.

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