Turkish glass manufacturer Baştürk Cam is set to shortly complete a furnace investment.

The container glass producer based in Malatya, Turkey is scheduled to complete the investment of its second furnace early next year.

With a capacity of 560t/day the new oven will triple capacity and enable the group to diversify its product range.

It means the organisation will be able to produce 2 billion bottles for production. As well as diversifying its product range with more lines, the group can focus on specially designed products.

The new furnace will also enable the group to produce smaller items that were outside the limits of its previous production.

Basturk Cam Chairman Mehmet Akif Baştürk said: “Our giant investment, which will also be in the field of glass packaging; continues rapidly despite the effects of the pandemic and the global energy crisis.”

The investment includes batch plants, forming machines, inspection equipment and cold end systems with technology supplied by established European suppliers such as EME, Heye International, Iris Inspection, Italian group All Glass and Thimon.

Furnace ignition is scheduled at the end of February and after 20 days of heat up, the glassmaker will start product shipments in March.

Baştürk Cam was established in 2017 as a part of the Baştürkler group, which has 45 years of industrial experience. It commissioned its first furnace of 300t/day in March 2018.

It supplies glass products domestically as well as exports to 30 countries around the globe.