Allied Glass has been nominated in both the Drinks Bottle category, and the Special Edition category for the 2016 Luxury Packaging Awards.

In the Drinks Bottle category, Allied has been nominated for its Highland Park ICE Edition bottle (pictured, above), created for the Edrington Group.

In the Special Edition category, the Balvenie D.C.S. Compendium (pictured, below), for William Grants, has received recognition.

Both are Scotch whisky brands.

The brief for the Balvenie D.C.S. Compendium was to create a pack that highlighted the spirit itself whilst advancing the Balvenie brand.

The resulting bottle stays true to the existing Balvenie container, but has been given luxury connotations by being larger, heavier in weight and with a thicker base, all of which reinforce the quality status of the collection.

The bottles are produced with premium white flint.

The Highland Park ICE Edition bottle is made from blue glass and delves into the world of classic Norse mythology, celebrating the Viking roots of Highland Park's Orkney Islands home, where the Viking’s influence and culture once reined for hundreds of years.

According to legend, the ice realm, Nilfheim is the home of darkness, cold, ice, frost, and the first ice giant, Ymir.

It was this mythology that inspired the design for the bottle, with the distinctive bottle shape being intricately embossed with delicate ice shards which were specifically created to evoke the sharpness and coolness of the ice realm.

Decorated in Allied's decoration facility, the circle design on the front panel of the bottle represents the circle of life and the creation of the world.

The winners of the Luxury Packaging Awards will be announced on the 14th September 2016.