Following the recent General Glass Technology training course, CelSian Academy has announced two further courses for October.

A ‘Heat transfer in Glass Melting Furnaces’ will take place on 12th October online. It will be hosted by Luuk Thielen and Mathi Rongen.

This short course will focus on radioactive heat transfer in glass melts depending on the presence of colouring ions and redox state of the melt.

The effects of new, emerging, sustainable furnace technologies, like hydrogen combustion and full electric melting on the heat transfer mechanisms are elucidated.

The second ‘Burners, combustion and NOx’ course will take place over two days on October 13 – 14, also online. This will be hosted by Oscar Verheijen and Neil Simpson.

Fossil fuel combustion is a key element affecting glass furnace emissions and energy consumption.

Combustion settings and burner types influence heat transfer and formation of aggressive and polluting species such as NOx.

In addition to explaining the various mechanisms responsible for polluting species, the course will explain how to reduce emissions both from the perspective of primary (process-integrated) and secondary (end-of-pipe) techniques.

You can register for the courses here. Registration is possible until the end of the week.

The brochure for the scheduled courses for 2022 will be updated on the CelSian website soon.