The UK container glass industry discussed the latest technical innovations for the hot and cold end at a seminar yesterday (Tuesday).

The UK Glass Suppliers Alliance technical seminar in Barnsley, UK was hosted by 10 suppliers to the glass manufacturing industry.

Visitors included UK glass-based producers such as Ardagh Glass Packaging, Verallia UK and Encirc as well as French group Saverglass.

The 40 delegates heard conference papers from DSF, Fives, Glassworks Hounsell, Hunprenco, Graphoidal, Lattimer, Pennine, Pro-Sight, Rondot GB and Sheppee.

Each of the 10 companies gave two papers – the first an introduction to the organisation, the second a technically-focused presentation based around latest innovations and ways to make production at a glass facility more efficient.

Afterwards, Lincoln Brown, said that customers had given positive feedback about the seminar.

“Even though they might not be interested in the furnace talk for example because they are a cold end manager, they are interested because they are mindful of their future careers and want to understand the whole area of the plant and not just the area they work in today.”

“We hope we have achieved the ethos of the seminar which is not to stand up and try and sell products, but to talk technically and to try and educate customers about what the companies are offering and how a particular piece of equipment works and why it works as it does.”

The event was the first one since 2019 after the 2021 seminar was postponed due to Covid. Plans are to host it every two years in future, with the next in 2025.

“Business is about relationships and the better we can know our customers the more chances they are going to be confident and comfortable doing business with us. Hopefully the benefit for customers is to raise their awareness about the different products that the different companies provide.”

A longer review will appear in a forthcoming issue of Glass International printed edition.