UK toughened and laminated glass manufacturer Independent Glass has selected the FC500 as its fifth Glaston furnace for use at its Glasgow site

The company is now capable of producing 2.8mm toughened glass to ECER43 automotive standard and a thickness range of 2–12 mm heat-strengthened glass.

The investment has been critical to help the company meet the increased market demand for laminated and toughened glass combinations for structural glass applications.

“Our decision to choose Glaston’s FC500 as our next furnace was driven by our 25 years of experience,” John Devine, Managing Director, explained.

“When we reviewed the quality that could be achieved with Glaston’s FC500, we knew it was the correct investment to take us to the next level of toughening.”

“All of our furnaces are from Glaston. We’re extremely happy with them because they are reliable and very much at the forefront of technology. Hence, our decision for the new one.”

Independent Glass has three sites in Glasgow and one in Mansfield, UK. With a staff of 270, the company serves industries including architectural, automotive, marine and furniture.

The new FC500 was installed in December 2014 and into the new year. Production began in February 2015.