A Ukraine glass manufacturer has issued an urgent appeal for help.

The glassworks, which does not wish to be named for fear of a Russian missile attack, has continued to manufacture at full glass capacity despite the invasion of its country.

It said it had obligations to its European customers, which it aimed to fulfil despite the crisis.

Now, 82 days after the start of the invasion, the company has started to run out of soda ash – a vital raw material in the glass manufacturing process.

The container glass producer takes small batches of soda ash from the EU and Turkey but this cannot cover the huge deficit that has now formed.

“If we do not find soda suppliers in the nearest future, then the entire glass industry may stop due to the lack of one raw material component,” the company said.

Depending on the price, logistics, packaging and delivery time, the group is ready to consider purchasing 10 to 20,000 tonnes or more.

Anyone who is able to help should contact Greg Morris who will pass your details onto the glassworks.